Sarah Foods

It was in the year 2000, the concept of "Healthy Snacks " pitched into the minds of our energetic entrepreneurs. Driven by an intense desire to achieve extensive experience in this field, we joined hands with the acclaimed FMCG brands across the world.  Our aim to deliver wide range of Natural and Healthy Snack Foods, finally got materialized into “Sarah Foods Private Ltd" in the year 2008, in Bangalore, India.

The Company is promoted  by key FMCG Professionals namely Vinod Barboza, Vijay Barboza, Victor Barboza and Meena Barboza, who possess years of experience in marketing, sales and distribution of prominent FMCG brands at international levels.

The demand for tasty snacks among different age groups has pushed Sarah Foods Private Ltd to turn plain and ordinary snacks into twin power of taste and health, suiting the needs of everyone. Our continued efforts and determination has led us to produce innovative snacks that can be preserved and enjoyed at any moment.

We are one of the fastest growing snacks and confectionery suppliers, with distribution depots covering supermarkets, malls and bakeries across Bangalore. With the focus on Goodness, Quality and Nutrition, we supply and produce for major retailers right across INDIA. As a healthy snack company, we meet the customer’s specifications by providing superior services and quality products on a consistent, trustworthy, reliable and confidential basis.

As a manufacturer and suppliers of snacks like Popcorn's, Cotton Candy, Extruded Snacks and  Instant Oats Meal, our products are an epitome of freshness and great taste. Sarah Foods Private Ltd, administer the finest and healthy ingredients to flavor yummy snacks to give a great satisfaction, so that one can have fun and enjoy the crunch in each snack.

Our extensive experience and commitment to strict quality control methods ensures that ingredients are received and processed, on a timely fashion to offer superior products destined to delight and excite customer senses.  We ensure to take specific action to lessen the amount of saturated fat, sugar and salt in our snacks without compromising on taste, as we mainly focus on superior taste and Premium health.

With Sarah foods Private Ltd., one can always expect a variety of lip-smacking, delicious and enticing food flavor's and cherish into the delicious world and delightful snack festival.   We specialize in familiar snacks and confectionery with awesome twists. We use simple and healthy ingredients, and turn them on their heads in order to create some spectacular snacks and confectionery. Our flavors are made using combination of both dry ingredients and liquid sauces, in pursuit of the ultimate awesomeness in a Snack Bag.